Thursday, October 27, 2005

ginger over a marroquian blanket

another trip. Tired about the car, we decided to stop in the side of the road and have some sunshine.
Because her ginger hair I couldn't check the landscape.
...well ,the right way to start your business.


Matt Jones said...


limbolo said...

They don't get much of this in Godalming....
Bravo Alberto, you have the hottest brush on the blog.

alberto mielgo said...

that's a god honor!

Uli Meyer said...

Nice ass. like two eggs in a hanky!


alberto mielgo said...

I think we had the same idea today.
Maybe tomorrow we should child out a bit...
Lets just draw what is alowed...

Elliot Cowan said...

I'll be back for more mate!

Unknown said...

Nice painting! Great artwork as always!!

Sedyas said...

Aaaaah! Joderrr Alberto, te acabas de pasar. Tiene algún tipo de referencia la pose? Está tremendamente dibujada (y del color ni hablamos...).
Por cierto, los sketches del post anterior son otra maravilla.

Felicidades y gracias por la inspiración.

yoborob said...

ginger is fantastic - i think we all agree !
is this with marker pens ? the same as your corpse bride in the woods sequence - you should post that too .

kcirbuk said...

Que quieres que te diga ,que no te hallan dicho los demàs!!

Boris Hiestand said...

oohhhh.... hmm hehe brrrrrtt.

great sense of depth

alberto mielgo said...

Bueno buen bueno!
2 MIO!
queremos un poco mas de bea por aqui.

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