Sunday, January 22, 2006


...and some other confortable clothes.
Portraits about people in the neigbourhood.


Double0zero said...

Is this Dave from De La? Good luck in France bas. I'm sure they will Love it all of them. HK

alberto mielgo said...

Thankyou Headdddd!
YOU BAS! Yes he is.
9_=+8*..what a nonesense...

JoseM said...

La mejor de las suertes en Francia, Albertillo. ¿Es esta semana ya?

the doodlers said...

He has a soulful look. Very fine. Nice use of (photoshop filters?) digital efx.

alberto mielgo said...

THanks Josem, Si ,me las piro manana.A ver que pasa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!en diez.
No he tenido apenas tiempo de cambiar tu link,por el tema este.
Un brazo.

Hello Doodlers thanks! but this is not actually a filter or efx. It is just a drawing and then a painting done with a pencil brush in Photoshop.
Actually, it isn't a very sofisticated brush , is a quite basic pencil tool.I found this way of painting very relaxing an nice for various reasons:
It's much cleaner than the actual painting with acrylics or oils.( My flat and computer are full of painting's stains)
It Doesn't smell (I get sick after long hours with classic painting's smell)
And the best of all: THE UNDO option!!!!

alberto mielgo said...

I love UNDO option.

the doodlers said...

Here's to UNDO!

The piece is all the more impressive after your explanation. It is clever the way you are blocking out the shapes!

alberto mielgo said...

Thank you very much Doodlers!

Darius Growler said...

Me gusta esa forma de resolver la imagen con pinceladas cortantes, muy de boceto pictorico pero impresionante

yoborob said...

hey bas - i'm back . and your weird take on the world still amuses me . fantastic xmas card . how's the comic ?

Oscar Grillo said...

Where do you live, Alberto?

Deluria said...

i wish i could apply the CTRL Z to life sometimes :-)

I also love the UNDO option.

Unknown said...

very nice paintings!! Love you recent postings! beautiful!

chromasketch said...

wow awesome stuff.. i gotta try the pencil tool painting way as well.

LuisNCT said...


ahora mas!!

Il suo unico figlio said...

Maese, aquí el guionista de Miguel Ángel. Coincidimos brevemente en Angoulême y luego no tuve ocasión de felicitarte por lo de Humanoides (si no me han informado mal). Así que eso, enhorabuena.

limbolo said...

Of all the blogs, I come to yours Alberto..For sheer joy and exhileration. I love your photographer's eye, your meaty chunks of colour.
Soul like a solo by Sonny Rollins, with the humanity of Cartier Bresson.

Martin Wittig said...

beautiful work!

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