Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Cartoon Network Little Rikke.

Working with Cartoon Network makes me resolve some issues in a very graphic way, and I love that.
Enjoy Summer.

Un poco más de aquel proyecto que os he ido enseñando. "Little Rikke" para Cartoon Network.


Santiago Mansilla said...

bien por cartoon network, se nota que te gusta y gracias por mostrar esta maravilla

conrad roset said...

eres un crak!mencantan las sombras de los soldaditos,!
ahora hacia timepo que no actualizabas verdad?¿

Benjamin Plouffe said...

looks great

alberto mielgo said...

thanks gracias Mansilla! La verdad es que me lo he pasado teta con esta historias.
Gracias Conrad...las vacaciones, el veranito... esas cosas.

Thanks benjamin

Marc Felix said...

Very nice, very good the comp, shadow and light. congratulations

EL Gato Negro said...

this scene is so good, its got so much going on but everything is still subtle . good to see you post again

A. Riabovitchev said...

Looks Fantastic!I like cold atmosphera.:o)


enorme! que maravilla!

Nevena Nikolcheva NEN said...

seems I'm of the few who doesn't post in spanish or some similar language ...

I'm stunned how u create light and atmosphere with flat color strokes ! At first I thought u did it just like that but when I saw u did preparing sketches I kalmed myself down that u'r not some outerspace mega talanted alien :)

Sorry for the spelling

U rock !

cheers ;)

Jeffrey said...

very nice! the lighting is great!

Unknown said...

Love the colours and the composition!
Great atmosphere as well

.Matthæus said...

Very cool!

limbolo said...

Brilliant as usual Alberto.
I am very intrigued by the sinister inner feeling of this modernist light-space. Whose domestic command post is this?

alberto mielgo said...

Thanks again all of you.

Nevena, indeed I´m an alien.

Hi Neil. This is the room of one of Rikke´s project character. A nasty boy that hates his sister and loves army.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting I really I love the cartoon..............

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madre mia!q ambiente se respira,parece la habitacion de un pirado...m encanta que todo vaya a cortes y la perspectiva

Rolan said...


David Puerta said...

Tio tiene tela los fondos que te marcas jaja.

Creo que eres de lo mejorcito que he visto por el blog :)

jason hazelroth said...

damn dude..you are a hell of a painter

Unknown said...

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