Friday, April 16, 2010

Beatles Rock Band.02




Some of you may remember this post.
So here it is again, who knows for how long. I would not remove it though.

I forgot to link to the final video in my last post, so here it is:

Just mentioning that all this first half was 2D and After FX, ( with some minor exceptions ) . SO as you can imagine, this BG has a hell of layers. This particular scene was create in AFter FX ( and other softwares of hell ) by masterafterfx Jhonny Still



Alberto! Esto es absolutamente impresionante!! Estas a otro nivel. Felicidades por todo el trabajo!

Miki Montlló said...

Por fin! Viva!!

Son... joder, son la hostia.

Un saludo!

Oriol said...

Si, estoy con los de arriba.

A. Riabovitchev said...

One of my favorite what you've done!Really Beautiful work!:o)

Manuel Dupong said...

Imprecionante! He visto ese video como 100 veces.

Anonymous said...


Nevena Nikolcheva NEN said...

This is amazing and it still stops my breath ! You are amazing !

JDCanales said...

¡Qué maravilla todo!... qué maravilla!

Kendra Melton said...

Wow!! These are just gorgeous! I remember when I first saw the Beatles ad, I was floored. It was so fresh and fun. Now I see it's because there was so much talent behind it. Goes to show you put quality in, you get quality out. I wish more ads were like this. Wonderful job!

Unknown said...

Que bien que por fin puedas ponerlos en el blog, son una pasada! Un trabajo magnífico!

Jelter said...

very well done!

Santiago Mansilla said...

magnífico Alberto

Unknown said...

wow, qué bueno!

Gulzar said...

Dear Alberto,
Its an honor to see all of these wonderful art work.

Its such an inspiration to see all of your works. And more greatly the latest one under your collection on Beatles's animation.

Great going.

I will surly pay a visit here more often now.

Keep it rolling.

And if you ever happen to come down to this side of the world, don't hesitate to buzz me :)

Your new found friend on the virtual blogging world.

Warm wishes all the way from India

JP said...

AMAZING as always. You have to post a recording of your painting technique...please? :)

Bawden Chip said...

me dejas sin palabras...
eres fantástico-


Mastro Alberto Pagliaro said...


KAFREMAN said...

muy bueno
me flipa tu trabajo

Anonymous said...

Really great work!!
amazing colors!!
love your work!

sonia pulido said...

Jeje... Yo voy a comenzar a decir "el Alberto"!
Que bueno todo por aquí y si, a ver si coincidimos!

JJ said...

Congratulations!!!I put the link on our forum of paragliders

Best regards from France

Unknown said...

Awesome post!

Adam Temple said...

Amazing bgs. I loved that ad. Thx for posting these!

Anonymous said...

yeah absolutely amazing - I know that vid already from Stephen Coedel's vimeo account.

I only have a question. How did you turn the street in the very first scene into such a 3D perspective? I mean every little detail - even this thing the under the car slowly appearing - changes right to the cam movement. So how did you turn the flat image with the already up viewed perspective into the final one in the vid?
it keeps me awake ^^

Vincent Mahé said...

AMAZING stuff! i love your backgrounds!

luis said...


Guillermo said...

Es maravilloso Alberto, me gusta mucho este estilo, es muy original.
Un saludo desde Ronda

Juanjo Ruiz Navarro said...

Bueno, bueno, que maravilla...
como lo haces?
es fabuloso.

un saludo.

Shane said...


Nicolette Davenport said... fantastic!

Léax said...

waouh congratulations!!!! it's beautiful, incredible and just perfect ! Keep the vibes ;)

Léax said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marc said...

Alberto! I have been a fan of your work for some time now, but It didn't realize you did this. It made my jaw drop when I first saw it. The style, color and values are perfection. I was so disappointed that they didn't apply this style to the whole game. You are truly a master. Thanks for inspiring me to always improve.

Timmy T Nguyen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Timmy T Nguyen said...

Wow this is so inspirational. Really great stuff!

John d'Eugene said...

You should be congratulated, this is an amazing piece of work. I haven't seen anything this well done for a long, long time. I would love to hear what Paul and Ringo would say if they saw it. Very, very impressive.
John Sharkey 242011
(co-founder of Syndicate of Sound)
I went to four (4) performances by the Beatles. Great Rock n Roll!

martabeceiro said...

lovely work!

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