Monday, June 14, 2010

My studio, Belladonna, S. Grey, others and me


Manuel Dupong said...

Donde la magia es creada!
Gacias por compartir tus fotos!

Jacques Salomon said...

Impecable señor Mielgo!

Adam Temple said...

What a way to use porn! Made an awesome piece.

Unknown said...

beautiful work....wish I had a proper studio.

Alexander said...

grandes cuadros en tamaño y calidad .

Unknown said...

Aletta Ocean has great colors and lines to be painted too:) I tried to use her as a model but I couldnt hold the brush properly:)

Great work man.

Unknown said...

Wow! Da gusto ver que sigues pintando y además, pintando una obra tan potente! En estas fechas se celebra V concurso de pintura y escultura figurativa

supongo que ya lo conocerás, el año pasado fue jurado Antonio López. Si no te has presentado este año, deberías hacerlo el que viene, porque creo que vas sobrado para ser finalista o incluso ganar.

Un saludo, genio!

Kristian said...

holy sheeet!
not only am I envious of your skill, but now I want the studio too!
great work as always
One day I must come and visit your studio

conrad roset said...

que pasada el cuadro de las 3 chicas alberto!

si expones en españa o londres avisa

Sam Rowan said...

awesome work man !
are you going to have a show ?

Miguel Valderrama said...

Que bueno señor!! ahora no se que me gusta más. si tus cuadros o tus concepts! tienen un rollete Jenny Saville!

chemi said...

grandes divas de los placeres efímeros

Oriol said...

Que bueno eres. Si algun día tengo dinero, un cuadro tuyo y yo tenemos una cuenta pendiente. Espero que eso se cumpla algun día=)

flaptraps said...

Super would love to see the stuff in person!

志城志城 said...

No pains, no gains...................................................................

TREVOR Simonsen said...

I watch movies like those paintings online...

Pc man said...


Eres el mejor del mundo!!

Mil abrazos!!

Bawden Chip said...

te amo.

淑瑄 said...

Where did you purchase this product?.................................................................

Hodges said...

your work is amazing, so inspiring its ridiculous

all the best

juan fardo said...

qué grande eres farrito!!! qué grande

Unknown said...

Wonderful studio and impressive artworks.

Oscar Grillo said...

Que lindos pies tenes, Alberto!

Joshua S Viers said...

I love your work. Your understanding of value and color are inspiring! Keep kicking ass!


leelee said...

You seem to have a foreign site and Europeans seem to accept the human body in a way that even rivals the bordello undercurrent of the Victorian underground porno art postcards of Aberdey Beardsley . Art of any body part can be beautiful and sexy if painted by a master of technique. Though I don’t think that I would want this art in my house I’m sure that there are people who would jump at the chance to display these very well done paintings of the human body in all its kinky splendor. Because the fertility of the body is revered in most ancient cultures, the male organ was prominent in art. The Romans had no qualms about showing full frontal nudity and full out sex in every position beyond the old “joy of sex” manual. Sex and bodies were part of their finely tuned culture that revered brothels and lascivious baths. Except that nothing was lascivious or unusual in their sexual pursuits.

alberto mielgo said...

Thanks everyone!
Hi leelee, I´m in a period of time in which I love frontal and explicit representation. In fact I like been close to pornography, but give a natural or casual feel to it.

Sho said...

Impresionante ;)

Thomas von Kummant said...

i would love to see the originals, grrrr.
reminds me somehow on jenny seville, but with a much more positiv aura.
and i like the soccer team:-)

RK.Karthikeyan said...

not every one will see the perspective of lovemaking

flaptraps said...

super cool

kalonji said...

brillant...and not vulgar at all !! when you gonna have a exhibition ?!

Sachin Kondhalkar said...


CárcamO said...

extraordinário trabajo!!

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