Monday, October 18, 2010

More Beatles

This, I think is the biggest Pan I ever did... may be not.

Some people ask me for close ups. Here are some.


Kristian said...

Always a pleasure to see your work. The detail on this pan is immense

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful work. It would be great to see something of your work process... Hard to imagine how you put all those blocks of colour together so perfectly for the buildings of manhattan.

Hugo RedRose said...

La panoramica esta muy lograda y muy detallada. La mezcla de colores y luz es perfecta.

Nevena Nikolcheva NEN said...

I agree with the first two posts ! Your work rocks all the way all the time ! post some wips for those or sketches or something pls !

LuisNCT said...

me encanta la forma en la que has resuelto las manzanas de edificios (el closeup)

Julio Cappa said...


Ayatollah said...

Simply brilliant

Germán said...


Unknown said...

Para quitarse el sombrero, como siempre. Un artista que conozco se mordería las uñas al ver la descomposición de color (el close up)
Seguimos esperando por más pinturas... y más Pinkman of course ;)

alberto mielgo said...

;THhanks a todos!

Hi Nevea, Thanks very much!, I don´t keep works in progress.
For this job I don´t remember I did any sketch. The delivery dates where really tight. But I should check more, may be I find something.

Powell said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting these.


que sintesis tan brutal!!! siempre!!!me encanta

Unknown said...


william wray said...

out of your mind-- in a good way.

Alfred Llupia said...

Joder,que bueno!Saludos!

enb said...

you totally got it.

Oskar said...

Wonderful painting!
Love how much you indicate with very small amounts of detail. Question tho... Is everything just you painting with photoshop brushes, or do you also use paths or other programs like illustrator for your clean shapes and edges?

Gulzar said...

I'm blown away by this as usual. Loved the way you handle those details Mr. Mielgo :)

I have been out of touch but seeing yours really gives me a kick to get back to bloggin!! :)

Warm wishes

anima-base said...


Matthew Cruickshank said...

You just made my eyes explode!!

Oscar Grillo said...

Lindo, lindo!!

Claudio Acciari said...

Man this is splendid..from which galaxy do you come from?

Javier Leon said...

Impresionante como siempre. Tu trabajo es una gran fuente de inspiracion.

jamie holmes said...

Totally wild man.

Francisco Javier García said...

A pesar de ser casi todo rectángulos el curro que te has tenido que pegar parece mucho, el efecto muy realista, genial la simplificación y la luz.

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