Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I did a new animation video about some important subject matter. Again as pinkman.tv
De nuevo, vestido de pinkman.tv, hice un nuevo video sobre un importante asunto que me tiene preocupado.


Unknown said...

Save it!!!

Sam Amanfi said...

we gotta save the triangle.

Ravi Gupta said...

very cool!

Jacques Salomon said...

Increiblemente certero señor Mielgo!

Vince* said...

Your animations are always too shorts ! As your 'visible' artwork too scarce ! We just can't get enough of your stuff ! Bravo, chef !

Vince* said...

And concerning the 'problem', maybe it's because of your geolocalisation. Triangle can be found here in Paris, France.

alberto mielgo said...


Antonio (Toze) Coelho said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
julen ribas said...


XAV said...

Great work on important matter !

cubrick said...

I like the triangle that is bottom of your triangle. Great to see your stuff here!! ;)

mrbrown0_0 said...

The famous French triangles! :D
Even in Italy becoming scarce

joon ahn said...

jajajajajajajajajaja I love it

Payos said...

Jajajaja, y yo que andaba pensando que había "pasado de moda" el tríangulo :)Salvémoslo pues!!!

Unknown said...


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