Monday, April 22, 2013

Tavistock 516

Check my new video "Tavistock 516" about some personal subject:

Tavistock 516 from alberto mielgo on Vimeo.


Unknown said...

Simplemente genial!
Ver algo tan fresco y visualmente magnético me ha alegrado el día.

alberto mielgo said...

Gracias Juan Manuel!

Mike Shorten said...

Wow. Incredibly beautiful. Congrats man.

Marcos Popó Art said...


Unknown said...

Waouuuuu... Magnifique... So beautiful you know... You really got chance to have those opportunity... The animation in my country is very boring for me since 2 years... I don't know if like my work for now and I'm waiting for something great... I need to be pushed up now!!

alberto mielgo said...

Caroline, this is something I did on my own. You should push yourself and do things! SO I push you up!

Unknown said...

Beautiful and poetic

limbolo said...


Davi.Rosa said...

O corpo da mulher é uma obra de arte e você a explora muito bem, Alberto!
Compreendes, si?

alberto mielgo said...


Anonymous said...

Pure genius!
Btw. did you plan to throw a exhibit in Paris (or somewhere in France, because it very hard to find your work here, if not on the internet)?

alberto mielgo said...

Hi Anonymous.

If somebody propose it I´ll be always open, for sure. Especially in Paris.

Filipe said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Alberto, my name is Vitor... I've been a Game Art Director for the last 8 years, and just recently found out that I'm big time frustrated since I haven't had time for practicing my art that much and I'm behind many artist friends and not doing the kind of art I should be doing if I was more focused on my own thing... As so many AD things I have to do (managing, tutoring, meetings, etc) that a lot of time stolen from devoting on my art, and a lot of ADs I know are very rusted in the making of art, although much wiser. You're the only AD I know that is still kicking ass, developing personal stuff ( I LOVE your paintings and videos like this) and you're my biggest inspiration right now. My questions is that, if that kind of stuff I'm going on right now happens to you too and what do you do to excel it. I'm sad because I think I just keep being a game AD because of money, since as an artist I couldn't do as much money... that's really awful, isn't it?

Anyway, thanks for your time and the always marvelous art!


alberto mielgo said...


Sure I understand. Making a living as an Art Director is very cool. Just try to manage your time the way you want it.
It happens to me as well, but I tend to cancel useless meetings and other wasting time activities.
For managing I delegate on producers, that´s their job and they must help you on that. I usually meet with them and told them what should be done and how, then we discuss about deadlines and exchedules.
They should understand your needs and help you, and you should respect their effort for making the thing work.
Man, ultimately, at the end of the day, what really makes things working as an art director is that you expend time painting and correcting-supervising you team.

My most creative time is in the afternoons and nights. I close my door and nobody bothers. Only my artist team if they have some technical question. I always have time for them. I use mornings for the rest of duties. This works for me.

ANd most important: I need to do artwork on the side or I get crazy!

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the care on the reply, Alberto. That helps big time. Hopefully I'll do something that inspires you in the future to retribute this.

You are my greatest inspiration and main source of motivation to keep going! I'll be rooting for you to keep kicking so much ass.


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