Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Happy Christmas

I always think that my girlfriend is the best present that I ever had.
The most beautiful chick I ever seen!
This is my happy Christmas card, so Happy Christmas to every one, and new year blah blah blah.
If this Christmas you are in London, you can go and see and Exhibition in which I participate with other London artist.
It take place in the very center of London , in Covent Garden, 37a Neal St. It's call Pimps "on the 7th day."( ask inside the shop if you can't find the
exhibition . )
In there you can see lots of great different artist work and two big acrylic canvases from myself.
From 15th. till the 31st. of December.

Has been a very nice year.This blog thinG is an amazing way to keep in contact with many friends from before and many new artist from all the world.
I also have to say that it takes quite a lot of time of each day. But I love sit down and check.I like a lot when I open a new blog and it is fantastic.(It was like
this with all the blogs that I have as link, and with many others that I couldn't link yet)
Let's keep in touch and see what all we do next year.
I'm going to Spain AS THE TURRON,so I'll be quiet in my blog.


He is the fastest creature over the planet. He is getting old, but he still running half hour a day,wich is very healthy.
He is Hermes the God...and he is back.