Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hello hello hello:
I hate to be away from my blog.
I hate not to check blogs and things for long time. BUT I've been away with Marvelous , in Ronda (Spain) and working in several things.
The days in Spain were fantastic. Working a lot in locations and people for "The Asparagus Seeker".
Everything happen in "la Cazalla" the most dreamy place you can ever imagine.
La Cazalla is where my very friend and writer Rodrigo Ashorn ( The Asparagus Seeker ) is living, with the fantastic Maria Ruiz and Laurita Almellones.
They own this very beautiful and quiet Hotel in Ronda ( MALAGA , South of Spain) that you should visit If you are looking for inspiration, amazing landscape, peace, and amazing organic and local food.
It's also where we conceived our project , where we spend hours and hours talking and working about it.
You should have a look at "La Cazalla" by clicking here:

And this is a street from the trip and for "The Asparagus Seeker".
It's great to see everyone again!