Thursday, May 24, 2012

TRON UPRISING, now on air.

So as you know we are braking our soul in several pieces on this production. Reviews, comments and critics has been really great so far. THANK YOU PRESS!
SO after reading some comments here and there, I have some things to say:
This series are good because people involve in it is indeed committed like hell. Both teams, here in USA ( Disney ) and there in JAPAN ( Polygon Pictures ), share the love for the project. Which ever is the budget, which ever is the label, the channel or the production company, this series are going to be great because the team really care. Nothing else.
To those who are scare about all series happening in the claustrophobic blue grid, I´m happy to say that you are wrong. ( i´m indeed really happy to say so ) This series are as complex as eye muscles system and we´ve been and we still are suffering to make this production a joy both visually and storywise.
We still integrating new ideas, new things, new effects. We are improving and learning under a heavy rhythm.
For those who are worry about animation, DON´T WORRY. Animation gets indeed crazy good and we are still improving every episode.
Exactly the same as artwork, we were making a process and finding a formula in the beginning. 
For those who already like the series very much, thanks very much! I´m glad we are working so hard.
For those who are scare about some marketing movements, don´t worry so do I…
Series will debut on Disney XD on June 7, 2012.

Here you can see latest poster I did and several production pieces, and of course that link to Youtube and itunes ( for you to watch for FREE )

1st episode in yotube