Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My art work at Jakarta Biennale 14.

I've been invited to participate in Jakarta Biennale 14. "MAXIMUN CITY, survive or scape"
Some of my Art Works and Videos are being shown right now at Galeri Nasional .


Many thanks to the Biennale's organization and the city of Jakarta!

Curated by:


eh... don't ask me, I don't know what I'm doing there or how it happen, but I like it.


Unknown said...

Vaya! Pues bienvenidas sean las exposiciones de gratis alrededor del mundo ;)

alberto mielgo said...


yoka sara said...

Hi Alberto,
I got to know you and your works from Jakarta Biennale exposure and made me to follow your blog since then.
I am working on an Art Project called ’sprites’ 2013 in Bali, a 3 months duration (9th of 6 to 6th 0f 9)of process and perform, intermingle of Bali’s inter discipline Artist and Designers, seed to maestro. Inspiring and inspired.
In regards,your present in bali to inspired young generation between your hectic time.
Your respond to my informal Invitation will be vry much appreciated.

Yoka sara

yoka sara said...

Hi Alberto,

Its me again.
should you interested, kindly to find me at my direct email at yoka@yokasara.com

thank you

regards fom Bali
Yoka Sara

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