Thursday, February 02, 2012


I´m really excited as Tron Uprising is looking really beautiful.
My art team it´s amazing and I want to thank to ALL of them for producing such a peculiar and incredible artwork.

Here they are all of them. Check them out. Provably the best gathered team ever. Hold your breath:

Neil Campbell Ross: Key piece, one of my favorite artist ever and big influence. Thanks Neil. I´m always yours. LIMBOLO

Craig Mullins: Does he need and introduction? Master of technique and a real painter. Every piece is always the best, You all know him. A real privilege. Thanks man. CRAIG MULLINS

Joon Ahn: Master of good taste. This guy it´s too much. He´s been producing most of my favorites pieces and the M*****cker still surprising me more and more. JOON AHN

Vaughan Ling: this young fella it´s only 22 ( or even less? 20 may be ) and he has the greatest technique already!!!. But most importantly: He´s taste is something else. I´ve never seen something like this.Thanks Von, you ROcks. VAUGHAN LING

Robh Ruppel: Amazing technique, amazing artist and a real classic painter .( such a difficult feature now days ). Thanks Robh. ROBH RUPPEL

Joseph Holt: Incredible detail, and also so great taste.He did produce amazing pieces and was kind enough to teach me some photoshop tips that I use every single day. Thanks Joseph. JOSEPH HOLT

Joe Feinsilver: A GREAT young painter. Super HARD worker and talented as hell. His Blog has real treasures. Please check them. Thanks man. JOE FEINSILVER

Darren Bacon: His pieces are soooooo elegant and his technique is amazing. ( this sort of techniques I don´t understand! ). Thanks Darren, l love your pieces. Please check them. Thanks man. DARREN BACON

Annis Naeem: A REAL painter also, amazing designer and a future Director, so watch out for this Master. He recently did an amazing video with his paintings, Check it out. ANNIS NAEEM

With all of them I´ve been learning as hell and I feel my painting skills did grow so much by just revising and checking their artworks.

I would love to show something here, BUT as you must know Mickey Mouse wouldn´t be happy. So we better wait.
However, I can show this poster i did some time ago for Comic Con.

Character Designs by Rob Valley ( Whom you all know ) . I´ve been working with Rob for a long time and for one reason or another our work is been part of very interesting productions, as Beatles Rock Band, XBOX or some Motorola adverts... Here in Tron Uprising not only his characters designs were superb, also his story boards are probably the most beautiful parts in this show. I hope we´ll do a book ( comic book ) only with his panels, pure joy for your eyes ) ROB VALLEY

And TALKING about good taste. Vehicle designer, The incredible ( Don´t even know what to say about this amazing designer ) : Daniel Simon.DANIEL SIMON

Meanwhile...We still working on the series. I hope you all like it or I kill you.


A. Riabovitchev said...

What a team!Can't wait to see film.:O)

Ricky said...

I am beyond looking forward to this show. I was covering that Comic Con presentation (which had far too little Tron: Uprising!) and happily walked away with one of these posters. Great work. Can't wait to see it all in the coming months.

Vaughan Ling said...

Can't wait to see it :)

It's been an unreal experience working with you Alberto and the rest of the team. I'm so excited and lucky to be a part of this team, thank you for everything!!!!

Mark Tompkins said...

Sounds fantastic, can't wait to see it!

DEISIGN said...

Madre mía que empacho de talento! Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this insane bunch put together.

Rolan said...

what a festival of talent and genius.

joon ahn said...

Thanks Boss. Yeah we are a hell good team and we are so flattered.
But I still want to learn something from you in a BAR... The real Techniques....

limbolo said...

Alberto, maestro,
Thanks for the curtain-call and the very best of luck with the remaining production.

You're the champ...

Annis Naeem said...

It's been a great experience and having respected your work for so long, it was an honor and a pleasure. Thanks for everything, and I will echo Vaughan and also say that I was extremely fortunate to be part of the team. You've changed the way I paint!! Thanks for everything!

joefeinsilver said...

Master, I have learned quite a considerable amount from you and the whole team. I can't wait to see the show when it is finished since it is already looking amazing! Thanks so much Alberto!!!

alberto mielgo said...

Thanks guys! You are great.

kalonji said...

Great team no doubt !!
Such impressive artist ,i can 't wait to see the film!
Bravo !!

jesús alonso iglesias said...

¡Llévame de becario!!!

Darren Bacon said...

thanks for the nice mention Alberto. It really means a lot coming from you, and artist I admire and am so inspired by. It was my pleasure to get an opportunity to meet and work for you. Can't wait to see the show — cheers!

Anonymous said...

Any woman?

alberto mielgo said...

I´m afraid NO... very unfortunately.

Julio Cappa said...

Buah! que peña más top, unos máquinas todos.

Nick Jobbings said...

As the team is so international, are you all sat in the same room or is everything done down the wire? Probably a stupid question.

FlatClem said...

Awesome team, thanks for sharing the informations . As Ricky said, cant wait to see the show :]

javier Olivares said...

El equipo es muy bueno, si... pero tu ilustración es cojonuda!!! me encanta la composición!
Un abrazo!

Thang said...

!!! amazing work, can't wait to see the final product

Vico minijuegos said...

Excellent team artistic, beautiful design

Juanjo C.Cerban said...

Increible EQUIPAZO!!!!! Enhorabuena Alberto, que ganas de ver el resultado final, ojala pudierais sacar un magnifico libro de "Art of" bien cargaito de buen Arte, madre mía Mullins, Ruppel, y los otros que jamas había oído/ visto nada de ellos, así pues gracias por presentarlos en sociedad, son verdaderamente fueras de serie, que pasada trabajar con esos talentos.
Venga un Abrazo y gracias ;)

Juanjo C.Cerban said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carlos NCT said...

Maremeua, trabajar con toda esta gente en el mismo proyecto debe impresionar bastante

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Cannot wait to see it!

LuisNCT said...

Menudo EQUIPAZO! A ver si hay suerte y podemos ver un artbook de la serie.

sakiteriyaki said...


Toyebot said...

Just caught the show! Awesome awesome job to you and your team!

Anonymous said...

Great show, unfortunatly here in south america not aired yet (and have doubts about if they will), the best artistic team and story, theres still a lot to tell about the grid.

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