Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Corpse Bride

Five hours meeting, beetween some food and drinks.
I don't understand meetings with food.I can't understand what people say...Forry...wfhat?..prrrfrmff..
But it was great, anyway.
This sketch,that some of you have seen allready, is dedicated to the people that was there.

Concept and story board for The Corpse Bride.
We where lucky to work at the same time with camera people, light people, technicians, pupets animators, carpenters, many types of artist and great profesionals.Such a big crew and such a nice people.
Hello to all of them, wherever you are now, guys.

traducción al spanish: La Novia Cadaver... Dios! que traducción mas chunga.


Arri. said...

JOOOOOODER q nivelazo.

Sr. Juez:

Hago responsable de mi suicidio, al autor de este blogg.

Fui muy feliz, en vida.

Mark McDonnell said...

Beautiful study. Great lighting and mood.


Uli Meyer said...


Germán said...

muy bueno.

que envidia, tio. y la traduccion muy muy chunga

uwe said...

yeah wooooooooowweeeeeeeeeee!! - uli you are right!
so beautiful!!!

alberto mielgo said...

Thanks everybody for your great and expresive coments!

chhuy-ing said...

Oooh! How nice! and the bride is gorgeous, what an atmosphere!

limbolo said...

The movie goes to some trouble to have us - guys anyway - lusting after the dead girl, but this is something different. Noone but you could make bones so sexy, Alberto....And the faint blush of warm light in her wind blown dress.....
Magic, sheer magic.

Sedyas said...

O_O Vale, me uno al suicidio colectivo con Arri.
Realmente buenísimo, Alberto.

Matt Jones said...

Watching the film I got to wondering what if the CORPSE BRIDE was RAEL? Would I find her sexy, even with a skeletal arm & leg. From your painting the answer is YES!! Am I sick doctor?

The MEETING sketch is fun, I wondered who did it when I saw it in the CORPSE crew BOOK.

Unknown said...

I love this sketch during the meeting! I love your sketches Alberto! and all your work actually!

Sanvi said...

Acabo de convertirme en un asiduo lector de tu blog! Alberto Mielgo rocks!

Unknown said...

Very nice drawing and concept work!

LuisNCT said...

has estado currando en the corpse bride?

alberto mielgo said...

Maese Cris Peanut Butler, when is your blog coming???
I give you a week.Show us all those color stuff that I show on your mac.

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