Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Gorillaz Live Show

Close-up Concept for the Gorilaz Live Show,for the MTV awards.
Directed by Pete Candeland and based on his crazy idea.


Matt Jones said...

Cool, online you don't spot the girls onstage but I caught the performance again on TV & there's male & female bodies lounging all over it! They didn't look as sexy as your image though!

Double0zero said...

It was an amazing show. They projected some of your large painting over the whole stage. It was about 50ft high. When the girls came off stage in dress rehersal an announcement came out about Gorillaz coming off stage. People would stand around half expecting the characters to be right behind the extras. Post the Large painting Bas of the whole stage. HK

alberto mielgo said...

Fcking else...I missed it!!!!
I hope you could show me the quick time,bas.
I though that they going to hire me to be between the girls in the stage, laid down ... just to see, you know, just to see...

Matt Jones said...

I guess it was much more spectacular live than seeing it on TV. It was kinda dull! The characters looked like they were really on stage & believable alright but their performance was a tad lacking. They all looked asleep! It only became ANIMATED when the rappers came on (Pharcyde?).

They work better as drawings -at the moment. Perhaps the cg was constricted by a tight deadline? But I bet the budget was bigger than the promo spots?!

alberto mielgo said...

They used a crazy new technology using I don't know how many projectors, so the character looks as if it is on the stage , between the girls.As a hologram( However you wrtitte it).
I'm sure it was terrific.

I don't really know about those things ,Matt.But dead line is allways tight in the nicer projects.

LuisNCT said...

guau, estas en todo!

Jay D Smith said...

cool stuff!

limbolo said...

hot stuff!

Jeffrey said...

these last two posts are crazy alberto...your work is quality.

Arri. said...

JoooooOoooooOOOder que arte dios mio!!!

Pd: Al final no me suicide...queria seguir viendo lo q haces.Lo se,lo se, pero ya sabes...nadie es perfecto :)

Boris Hiestand said...

I watched it and was quite amazed actually. have to agree on the animation being a bit dull- but character integration was amazing. It took me a while to decide what I was looking at. Guys in suits? Animatronics? How can it be 3d if they are BETWEEN the live people?
it was well done. hope Passion will do another couple of clips- 2d please.

alberto mielgo said...

2d could be great with this projectors.If 3d is impresive as an hologram imagine a crazy no-limits 2d animation. It could be quite sacary.

alberto mielgo said...


Sanvi said...

awesome, man! Mucha calidad es lo que hay en este blog!

Unknown said...

Wooooooooo ..... nice

Unknown said...

Thks for sharing! I saw the show on tv in canada. looked great!

Oscar Grillo said...

Alberto...Estaba pensando; tu conoces a Marcos Mateu, no es verdad?...Gran tipo y gran dibujante!

alberto mielgo said...

Oscar, creo que no...
Nunca lo habia oido, pero ya me gustaria a mi tener un nombre como ese!

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