Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tomas De La Fuente NEW blog.

Hello every one!
After a nice Chrrissttmass holidays in Spain, I'm coming back to this blog activity with more powder than ever!
My first post this year is a present to your eyes:
A NEW BLOG from my friend oigamihermano the archi-Phothographer: Tomas De La Fuente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
We've been neighbours in a little Village in Spain with cows ,mountains ,and sheeps and organic food since we were kids.
Now we are neighbourgs in London again.
His work is a real inspiration for my work.
Please check his two new blogs( you can also find his Xtreme Sport pics on his links ) at:
One of his phothographs above: "Jandro", a crazy man who skates between cows as hell in our little home town village.


Oscar Grillo said...

Nice to have you back, Albertito.
A strong "abrazo" for you!

Unknown said...

Welcome back Alberto! can't wait to see more of your inspiring work this year!
Happy new year!

Tomás de la Fuente said...

Alberto "The Great"!! Thanks for your comments, mi herlmano!! This is a big honour!! Tell me, how long for the comic ready? I´m anxious to see it!!! I wish you the best for this new year!!!! Abrazo fuerte!

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