Monday, March 06, 2006

Gorillaz & Madonna. GRAMMYS. 06

Gorillaz and Madonna did open the GRAMMYS 2006 with a great performance.
Here is the concept that I made for them.
I'm very very happy and proud! as they built the set just as I designed. Such a great work . ( In a record time )
You can see the LIVE Show in a site that I forgot, but I'll post it tomorrow. ( In a record time )


Unknown said...

Definitly amazing! Great colours.

jesusalonsoiglesias said...

qué grande eres, piafasman!!!
es cojonudo!! (con perdón)

Matt Jones said...

That's great Alberto, well done on getting your concept over. Look forward to seeing the performance.

Gabriele Pennacchioli said...

So Beautiful, Alberto!

A. Riabovitchev said...

I didn't see this show.But your concept is amazing!Great idea!

JoseM said...

Qué bonito, tío!!
Me encantas :]

Elliot Cowan said...

Brilliant as ever.
I'd be inspired if I weren't green with envy.

Sedyas said...

Buamfxmfzx... me acaba de salir el colacao por la nariz. Buenísimo! Además soy fan de los Gorillaz (que no de su música ¬¬).
La actuación en cuestión es un derroche visual e imaginativo. El momento que pasa Madonna detrás de Murdock es flipante y sorprendente. Uno de mis mejores amigos trabaja ahora en Passion Pictures y animó gran parte de todo eso.
Gracias por postearlo.

alberto mielgo said...

Thanks everyone. Yes, when Madonna go behind Murdoc is frightening...
Sedyas. Tu colega no sera JULITO?

Kristian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
juanjo nieto said...

toy acohonao!!!!

MikeS said...

I am in awe of your skillful abilities. Beautiful work, Alberto, simply put, beautiful.

Unknown said...

God Alberto you're the man! So good! It was great to meet you today finally!

Pablo E. Soto said...

joder , que pasada. guapisimo el concepto.

Unknown said...

beautiful painting!

juanjo nieto said...

es un poco engorrosa pero ahí va el link

Sedyas said...

o_O Alberto, SI que es Juliki! Vivia conmigo en la época en la que currabamos en el mismo estudio.
Qué pequeño es el mundo!

SEITONAS said...

Jolín, albertito...estás que te sales, no?? He visto el video y es una pasada. we're proud of you. Saludos a ti y a pachu desde Ràdio Barberà, donde ya ha llegado la primavera.

LuisNCT said...

good concept

y que caña poder trabajar con gorillaz :O

the doodlers said...

Great atmosphere in this stage set. Really nice presentation.

We caught the very last part of this on television. It looked really intriguing. Were you involved in the construction at all?

alberto mielgo said...

Thanks Guys.
Dear Doodlers. I wasn't involve in the construction. The show was in States(don't know where) and I just design the set and the concept for it in London.
I have pictures of how the build it in various stages.
I was very exited when they send them to me.

Carlos Ruano said...

Realmente espectacular, que gran trabajo, me gusta mucho.

limbolo said...

I agree with Alina.
But your too good for these guys Alberto.

Sanvi said...

Así que conoces a Julito... Pues eso, que preciosa ilustración, que me das mucha envidia y que te cuides:P

Oscar Grillo said...

Hey. Mielgo. Don't be lazy and keep posting new stuff!!! This one is from 10 days ago.

alberto mielgo said...

You Right. So here it goes!

unbemerkt said...

oh my god... i didn't see the real show, but i am impressed by your design concept. very very coll - and gorillaz-like!

Oriol said...

acojonante la mutitud...todo vaya...flpo con que parece que no te cusete ni un das...como se dice eso..envidia!
aparte me han comentado que tu novia es guapisima;)ya vi el dibujo,buenisimo tambien...postea algun trabajo malo coño!
de verdad que flipo con los de corspe bride..victor..buf que colores y formas....le das de miedo

o s a k a said...


jrichar64 said...


I'm working on a book on recent audiovisual culture for Oxford University Press which will include a chapter on Gorillaz. I'd love to include something on this performance, and any materials you have and information on the job you did would be very helpful. Naturally your contribution would be properly acknowledged. If you think you can help, please drop me a line at Best wishes, John Richardson

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