Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Annie Awards nomination

I´ve been nominated for an Annie Award for "Best Production Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production" for Tron Uprising!

A nomination it´s for me a VERY big deal for a number of reasons. I´m very happy and grateful and ego leaks all over. BUT, wait a minute, this wouldn´t be possible without the amazing team that I´ve been lucky to work with.

Thanks ALL for suffering me
We've been using as much paintings as possibly we could and choose the most graphic treatment for characters andvehicles. Because we love 2D.

We've seen this shot very much on the series .  This is one of my earliest works for Tron.


Steven said...

Congrats! The show is gorgeous... and you're very generous to blog about it too.

Adrien Deggan said...

WOW! Congrats!

XaviC said...

Felicidades Alberto por la nominación. La verdad es que no es para menos! Enhorabuena por el Gran trabajo hecho a ti y a todo el equipo, la verdad es que luce de coj****!!

Mihir Malavia said...

Congrats Mr. Mielgo! Not only is the show beautifully designed but the characters and stories are becoming more and more compelling and complex. Never miss an episode! Also Aaron Paul as Cyrus is incredible, a Joker/Venom character to Beck's Spiderman/Batman if you will. Award well deserved and a show needing more attention.

Anonymous said...

congratulations, alberto. you deserve it. the look of the project is stunning!

Rolan said...

the path of the genius

Germán said...

enhorabuena!! Que te puedo decir, esta espectacular. Me lo pille en itunes, y madre mia, rebosa calidad y talento fino en cada plano.Se nota que todo el equipo os volcasteis.

alberto mielgo said...

THANK YOU EVERYBODY! ye... watch the show!!!

Diego said...

Has ganado!!! Felicidades, te lo mereces, es un trabajo espectacular! Y que todo el equipo lo celebre, vaya equipazo :)

Rolan said...

¡Con dos cojones, sí señor!
Felicidades ;-)

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