Thursday, February 03, 2011

more Beatles........................

More Beatles... Sorry I know I´m posting lately some old stuff. And I´m starting to be tired about this Beatles stuff myself too.
I´ve been working on secret things for the last year and that takes most of my time. SO I can´t post many new things..... too bad.

You can see here final and 2 roughs from the same scene. bla bla.


Trevor Spencer said...

Dont apologize for posting old work!! IT IS AMAZING! love seeing this stuff :)

TREVOR Simonsen said...

what luck! the second TREVOR comment! You're welcome


Impresionante, de nuevo me dejas alucinado...

juan fardo said...

qué bonita pinturica Alberto... y esa advertencia de contenido? no se habrá escandalizao Blogger, no?

Kristian said...

As always it's a pleasure to see your work. I love the roughs. You have really captured the essence of London town.#Best wishes bro

Nevena Nikolcheva NEN said...

I'm not tired of the beatles stuff - I love it !

Unknown said...

Es normal que para ti sea material que ya estás cansado de ver, pero para nosotros siempre es una novedad y se agradece que lo compartas. Tampoco me disgustaría que pusieses más cosas de los videos que tienes en pinkman, que también son una pasada!
Un saludo!!

Emmanuelle.Walker said...

Marry me.

Kendra Melton said...

damn, especially love the lighting in that last one. very nice!

david benzal said...

Un trabajo impresionante!


y u s t e said...

Pues yo la verdad es que no me canso de ver estos trabajos.
Brutales tus pinceles,esa soltura que se deja ver en el trazo y la pincelada y tu paleta, totalmente motivacionales!!!!

Saludos máquina

Karl said...

Holy... Just wow

Sachin Kondhalkar said...

nice nice nice :)

Danny Gardner said...

Your work is absolutely stunning sir.

messytimbo said...

Nah man keep them coming!! i love them. the best BG's ever!

Anonymous said...

I just want to echo what everyone else is saying! Keep them coming. I love the whole beatles opening and the backgrounds are a pleasure to behold!

El autogiro said...

Pues a mí me encanta que subas estas cosas, nuevas o viejas.
Un saludo.

Julien Griffaud said...

Really good and impressive work !

Unknown said...

never apologize ! your work is always great and inspiring. Daamn you're good !! :)

William Trebutien said...

this is so awesome man...

martabeceiro said...

casi me da un patatus viendo tus trabajos.. qué limpieza y precisión! vaya paciencia!
me ha encantado, de verdad!

CárcamO said...

encanta la sucesión de insinuaciones
de luz y sombra .Fantastico!

Annis Naeem said...

been a fan for a while.I just had to comment and say that your work is awesome!

Fernando García-Sotoca said...

eres un tremendo! Que buenas pinturas e ilustraciones...

bibouse said...

Old stuff but great stuff !

David Puerta said...

The best artwork i saw so far! And I'm sure you'll beat that even farther in tron!

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